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The Esri Canada Blog offers a uniquely Canadian perspective on all things GIS. Browse the various categories & posts to stay up-to-speed on developments affecting you, the Canadian GIS user. Consider this a one-stop resource to see how others are using GIS, learn about new products and developments, read what’s new in Canada and around the world related to SDI, get the latest education-related information, keep abreast of the Community Map of Canada Program, and much more.
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Education & Research

Students use mapping technology to learn about a mining company in their community

Sep 29, 2016 / Posted by Angela Alexander
A great way to engage students in learning is to connect with local businesses in your community. Students from a school in Perth, Ontario partnered with a local mining company to conduct a reclamation survey using Esri software. Read more about this interesting project and find out what technology they used to collect and map their survey findings.
Education & Research

K-12 Educators: Fall online sessions to sharpen your ArcGIS Online skills

Sep 19, 2016 / Posted by Angela Alexander
Are you ready to learn about ArcGIS Online in order to integrate it into your teaching this school year? Find out how you can register for our fall online sessions that are aimed at users of all levels who want to sharpen their ArcGIS Online skills.
Education & Research

GIS Day: An opportunity to connect with a GIS Ambassador in your community

Sep 14, 2016 / Posted by Angela Alexander
Are you planning a GIS Day event at your school this year? If so, invite a GIS Ambassador to speak to your students about the importance of mapping and GIS. Find out how you can connect with a GIS Ambassador in your community to support your GIS Day event.
Spatial Data Infrastructure

Why use vector tiles for your next web map?

Sep 13, 2016 / Posted by Gordon Plunkett
Esri recently released a Beta version of vector map tile technology as an alternative to the conventional raster tile cache technology that we’ve come to both love and hate over the years. With billions of web maps having been made from raster map caches, what are the advantages of switching to a vector map tile cache? Read this blog to find out what a vector tile is and why they’re an improvement to the traditional raster tile system.
News & Updates

The (real) arrival of spatially-enabled big data analysis

Sep 12, 2016 / Posted by Brian Bell
Major advances in Esri technology make 2016 an exciting year for utilities interested in harnessing big data analysis. Brian Bell, Esri Canada’s utilities industry manager, drills down on how enhancements and strengthened partnerships have brought powerful capabilities to the ArcGIS platform that will change the way utilities operate.
Education & Research

How Queen’s Researchers Built a 3D Visualization Tool for Geological Samples

Sep 9, 2016 / Posted by Krista Amolins
Learn about the virtual learning environment that Dr. Georgia Fotopoulos and her students in Geological Engineering at Queen’s University in collaboration with Esri Canada are creating to help students understand the relationship between rock samples and their geological environment.