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The Esri Canada Blog offers a uniquely Canadian perspective on all things GIS. Browse the various categories & posts to stay up-to-speed on developments affecting you, the Canadian GIS user. Consider this a one-stop resource to see how others are using GIS, learn about new products and developments, read what’s new in Canada and around the world related to SDI, get the latest education-related information, keep abreast of the Community Map of Canada Program, and much more.
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News & Updates

“Have fun with GIS,” John Potter, Roger F. Tomlinson Lifetime Achievement Awardee, shares some advice

Nov 25, 2015 / Posted by Joy Chan
At our User Conference held in Regina on November 3, Esri Canada presented John Potter with the Roger F. Tomlinson Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions in advancing GIS in Saskatchewan. In this blog post, John shares his insights on receiving the award as well as some tips for building a successful and lasting career in GIS.
Spatial Data Infrastructure

Why is geospatial data sharing so important?

Nov 19, 2015 / Posted by Gordon Plunkett
There are many reasons for sharing your geospatial data. These reasons could be so others can use your data or to help reduce duplicate data collection. However, have you ever thought of sharing your data simply to help with data interoperability? By publishing your data, others will be able to see how you’ve defined your data and perhaps use the same data model and data definitions.
News & Updates

Turn the lights back on with GIS & operations dashboards

Nov 9, 2015 / Posted by Brian Bell
Electric utilities can never guarantee uninterrupted power. A heavy storm, a fallen branch, a car accident or even scheduled maintenance can easily down electric lines. While disruptions are inevitable, utilities can use GIS and operations dashboards to enhance their ability to quickly restore service, minimize outages and improve overall reliability. Here’s how.
News & Updates

City of Guelph story map celebrates 100 years of In Flanders Fields

Nov 4, 2015 / Posted by Adam Buchholz
2015 marks the 100-year anniversary of the writing of John McCrae’s famous poem In Flanders Fields. Guelph, ON is the birthplace of the soldier, poet and doctor and the City of Guelph recently launched a story map to celebrate McCrae’s life and the poem. Read what inspired the story map’s creation and how three departments at the City collaborated to make it a success.
Spatial Data Infrastructure

SDI Snapshot – October 2015

Oct 29, 2015 / Posted by Gordon Plunkett
Now that GeoAlliance Canada has been established, what’s the next focus for the organization? Which Canadian federal site was selected as the ArcGIS Open Data Site of the Week? Find out these and more in this month’s SDI Snapshot.
Education & Research

Exploring Canada’s Federal Election with maps

Oct 21, 2015 / Posted by Angela Alexander
ArcGIS Online Web maps and applications can be used to interactively visualize change and to begin the inquiry process with your students. The outcome of the recent federal election is a perfect opportunity to bring a real world issue into the classroom. Find out what resources are available on this current event that will allow you to begin the discussion and inquiry with your students.
Spatial Data Infrastructure

What does it take to make an effective Web GIS portal?

Oct 20, 2015 / Posted by Gordon Plunkett
Progressive organizations across Canada that wish to provide enhanced geospatial capabilities to their stakeholders can either develop a new Web GIS portal or upgrade their existing portal. It’s good practice to continuously improve an organization’s portal with new content, functionalities and enhancements to meet stakeholder requirements. But what needs to be addressed when developing or upgrading a portal to make it one of the must-use Web GIS portals?