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The Esri Canada Blog offers a uniquely Canadian perspective on all things GIS. Browse the various categories & posts to stay up-to-speed on developments affecting you, the Canadian GIS user. Consider this a one-stop resource to see how others are using GIS, learn about new products and developments, read what’s new in Canada and around the world related to SDI, get the latest education-related information, keep abreast of the Community Map of Canada Program, and much more.
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Spatial Data Infrastructure

SDI Events Roundup – July 2016

Jul 25, 2016 / Posted by Gordon Plunkett
Which city will be hosting the 2017 Canadian Open Data Summit? What SDI-related events are happening this fall? Find out in the July SDI Events Roundup. Also, check out resources from the Esri User Conference and the European Transportation GIS Summit, and read the European Commission’s “European Digital Progress Report”.
Education & Research

How Esri Canada 2016 GIS Scholarship winner studies ancient history with ArcGIS

Jul 14, 2016 / Posted by Krista Amolins
GIS is an important tool for archaeological work. Find out how Kendra Garbutt, the 2016 Esri Canada GIS Scholarship recipient from Mount Royal University, used GIS to study social structure in the ancient city of Meroë in Sudan.
Education & Research

What events can K-12 educators attend this fall to learn about GIS?

Jul 12, 2016 / Posted by Angela Alexander
Conferences and workshops are an effective way to network with other educators and to find useful resources and tools that can enhance your teaching. Start your fall planning by checking out the conferences running in the new school year for K-12 educators who are interested in finding new ways to integrate GIS in their teaching. Come meet a member of the K-12 education group who can help you get started.
Spatial Data Infrastructure

What is useful web GIS technology?

Jul 8, 2016 / Posted by Gordon Plunkett
There have been several information technology booms and busts over the last few decades, and generally, the major factor determining whether a technology is a boom or a bust is its usefulness. Web GIS has really begun to flourish in the past few years, and a reason for its growing popularity is its usefulness. Read this blog post to find out why web GIS has become an essential tool for both GIS practitioners and GIS organizations alike.
Education & Research

2 ways to document and share your summer adventures using ArcGIS

Jul 8, 2016 / Posted by Angela Alexander
For many of us, summertime is a time of adventure and exploration. A great way to share your summer experiences is to document them in fun and interesting ways. Find out how you can do this by using different Esri applications, and share your story map to win a prize and maybe your summer adventure will be highlighted in a future blog post!
News & Updates

Modernizing services for citizens: within reach for small and large municipal organizations

Jul 5, 2016 / Posted by Éric Lacoursière
Municipalities need to make strategic decisions to determine how they will improve the quality of their services for citizens using technology. Over the past few years, we’ve observed that new versions of websites increasingly contain interactive functions, such as dynamic mapping. This post will highlight how Ville de Repentigny, which recently received an OCTAS award for its “Mes services municipaux” (My Municipal Services) app, successfully used templates available through ArcGIS Online to improve the way it shares information with citizens.