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GIS in the Classroom

March 2016 - David Ast

ArcGIS Online is a tool used across industries around the world to answer complex questions and to better understand connections between phenomena. In education, this online tool can be used in the classroom and in field studies to analyze and discuss real-world problems. Find out how a Toronto high school teacher uses ArcGIS Online to teach local and global issues and how he fosters student engagement through geospatial technology.

September 2015 - Cory Munro

Be inspired this new school year by reading about Cory Munro, an Ontario teacher who's passionate about geography and GIS. Find out how he's used GIS in his teaching to engage his students and what he plans to do with it in the near future.

May 2015 - Ralph Hepperle

A talented teacher inspires their students to want to learn through class engagement and focus. Find out  how a teacher from Toronto's East York Collegiate has been influencing some of his students to study geographic information systems in their post-secondary endeavors.

March 2015 - David Scott

Every year the K-12 group has the opportunity to meet interesting teachers who want to do cool things with their students using GIS. I had the good fortune to meet one such teacher in 2013. Find out what David Scott's been doing with ArcGIS Online in his geography and science classes.

February 2015 - Stacey Bradley

Collaboration is a great way to learn from your peers. Find out how an English teacher discovered the possibilities of ArcGIS Online when she worked with a Geography teacher at her school.

December 2014 - Greg Neil

ArcGIS Online is a great way to bring inquiry into your classroom. It helps to engage students and fosters critical thinking. Find out how Greg Neil, a teacher from Calgary, successfully used ArcGIS Online with his grade seven science students and how he plans to integrate GIS into his lessons in the New Year.

September 2014 - James Cox

Geographic information systems are a great tool to use in a geography class, but it can also be applied to other subjects like history. Find out how James Cox, a teacher from Palmerston, Ontario incorporated ArcGIS Online in his grade 8 History class.

August 2014 - Colin Robertson

Colin Robertson is a teacher from Ottawa, ON who was introduced to ArcGIS Online earlier this year and, without a hitch, he successfully incorporated it into his teaching. He teaches grade 7 Science, grade 9 Geography and grade 11 Environmental Science at Elmwood School, an independent International Baccalaureate (IB) school for girls. Read more about Colin here.

July 2014 - John Nicolucci

A great teacher inspires their students to do amazing things. John Nicolucci is a respected and well-loved teacher in Toronto. He just retired after working for 18 years at Crescent School. Find out about the impact he had on his students and his contributions to GIS education in Ontario.

June 2014 - Mark Lowry

Mark Lowry is a leader in geographic education who's had a big influence on the adoption of spatial technologies and curriculum development in his long career in education. His dedication to promoting GIS in Ontario has given us many opportunities to work with him. Read more about Mark's contributions and his impact on teachers, students and his colleagues.

March 2014 - Jonathan Fletcher

Are you an educator who's interested in using ArcGIS at your school, but you’ve encountered some obstacles along the way? Well, read this inspiring story about Jonathan Fletcher, a teacher who was determined to update the GIS lab at his school. Find out how he successfully did it.