Community Map of Canada Advisory Council

The Community Map of Canada Advisory Council is a forum that works to improve the user experience, enhance the map and expand the use of the Community Map of Canada. They promote community collaboration and sharing by leading peer discussions, presenting innovative ideas and best practices to existing and prospective contributors. Council members act as program advocates and ambassadors by assisting, mentoring and encouraging the active engagement of new contributors. 

Meet Your Advisory Council Members


Why become an Advisory Council Member?

  • You are interested in influencing a product direction
  • You are eager to raise your community's profile
  • You are looking to network with like-minded individuals from communities across Canada
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How will you be recognized for your work?

  • Your profile will be featured on the Community Map of Canada Advisory Council webpage
  • Your organization will receive first right of refusal to present and showcase its Community Map GIS projects at Community Map events
  • You will be offered the opportunity to be featured in the "Contributor Spotlight" blog series
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