With about 2.7 million residents, Toronto is Canada’s largest city and the fifth largest city in North America. It’s home not only to Esri Canada, but also to more than 11,500 companies in the information and communication technology sector. The city offers a high quality of life: it’s considered one of the most liveable and competitive cities in the world based on economic opportunity, technology, infrastructure, sustainability, transportation, recreation and public services.

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Toronto, which means “place of meetings” in Mohawk, lives up to its name. The city is a melting pot and its numerous distinct neighbourhoods reflect the rich cultural diversity of its residents. Half of the city’s population was born outside of Canada and more than 140 languages are spoken throughout the city.

You’ll experience working with some of the best and brightest in the GIS industry in a dynamic, metropolitan city. Our corporate headquarters is located northeast of downtown Toronto in North York. The office building is part of an 8-acre modern office complex overlooking the Don Valley Parkway, the city’s major artery. It’s easily accessible by public transit and close to shopping centres and great restaurants.

If you prefer to drive to work, convenient indoor parking is available. During spring and summer, you can ride your bike to work and make use of the building’s complimentary shower facilities. During breaks, take a breath of fresh air at our award-winning green roof or stroll along the trail adjacent to the office building.

Whether you’re into the arts, sports, food or nature, Toronto offers a broad array of entertainment and recreational opportunities – a perfect way to cap off a productive work week at one of Canada’s leading technology companies.