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Migrating to ArcGIS Pro

The time to migrate to ArcGIS Pro is now

ArcGIS Pro is the premier tool for GIS professionals. It offers modern map authoring, advanced analysis, data visualization, extensibility, and complete integration with the ArcGIS system by leveraging the named user licensing model.   Its predecessor, ArcMap, entered the Mature Support phase of its product life cycle in March 2024, marking the end of software updates and patches.  We have curated several resources here to help guide your migration journey.

The possibilities of ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro’s capabilities go beyond what is achievable in ArcMap. ArcGIS Pro contains all of ArcMap’s major functionality, allowing for most workflows to be achieved in Pro exclusively. 

Why not check out the ArcGIS Pro roadmap for a sneak peek of what we are focusing on now and for long-term ArcGIS Pro development. 

To help you navigate your migration path to ArcGIS Pro, check out our Embracing ArcGIS Pro webinar series.

Migration journey

Check system requirements


Before beginning your journey with ArcGIS Pro, the first step is to ensure your systems will be able to run Pro smoothly. Explore the complete system requirements for ArcGIS Pro here and make use of the convenient tool provided to assess your computer effortlessly.

Plan your migration

The next step is to plan your migration. For individuals, this should be straightforward. For large organizations, a structured plan is key to the success of your migration.

You may want to consider an instructor-led training course, specifically designed for users migrating from ArcMap to Pro.   

We have compiled a bank of  additional resources below to guide you through the transition. These include guides, self-directed tutorials, videos, webinars, and other helpful resources.

Additionally, consider our consulting services to facilitate a seamless migration for your needs.

Download ArcGIS Pro


Once you have checked your system requirements and planned your migration, you are ready to download Pro!


You can find a step-by-step guide for downloading Pro here.


Historically, there have been several ways to purchase and license ArcGIS Pro, depending on how you wanted to allocate licenses to your users. These options are described in the ArcGIS Pro licensing documentation.


Looking forward, ArcGIS Pro will be licensed solely though a Named User model, otherwise referred to as User Types. This licensing model is necessary to realize the full benefits of ArcGIS Pro as a “connected desktop” to the ArcGIS system and to securely control access to organizational data and capabilities across ArcGIS. We encourage you to review Esri Canada’s StoryMap on ArcGIS Identity to understand how this modern licensing model can positively impact your organization.


Each User Type is tailored to a specific user persona. To enable access to ArcGIS Pro, you need to purchase a GIS Professional user type at the Basic, Standard or Advanced level.


Administering your organization



Licenses for ArcGIS Pro are managed through your ArcGIS Online organization or ArcGIS Enterprise portal. A portal administrator (or another user that has been granted the license management privilege), assigns a GIS Professional user type (at the Basic, Standard or Advanced level) to individuals within your organization to grant them access to ArcGIS Pro.


Explore the comprehensive Getting Started with administration documentation, offering clear insights into the licensing landscape. Dive deeper into mastering license administration through the Manage your ArcGIS Online Organization lesson plan.

Getting started with Pro

Moving from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro can feel like a big jump! While some parts of the interface (like Ribbons) are slightly different, others (like Geoprocessing tools) will be very familiar. It may take some time to adapt. We recommend checking out this guide when working with Pro for the first time. You can explore additional tips and tricks to kickstart your experience.


New Pro users can also benefit from this terminology guide to familiarize themselves with key terms.


Some ArcMap tools have been eclipsed by new tools and practices in ArcGIS Pro, learn how to achieve the equivalent workflows here.

Any questions?



Find answers to some of the most common questions on migrating to ArcGIS Pro in our FAQs. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please get in touch, we are here to help.



Join the global community of ArcGIS Pro users.

Should you need additional assistance with planning your migration, please feel free to contact us.

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. ArcMap is nearing the end of its product lifecycle. The current and last release of ArcMap is version 10.8.2.  It will be retired in March 2026. 

View the Esri ArcMap Plan

ArcGIS Pro has unique capabilities and new ways of getting work done that are not available in ArcMap, such as: 

  • Project-based workflows 
  • Combined 3D/2D visualization 
  • Task-based work automation 
  • Vector tile creation 
  • 64-bit support 
  • Multiple display and map layout support 

ArcGIS Pro was built using the best aspects of ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene, and ArcGlobe, along with huge amounts of valuable input from the professional GIS community. New functionality is added to ArcGIS Pro with every release. See what's new. 

Yes. Esri Canada has a personal-use option for full use of ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online for a very affordable price. Visit the ArcGIS for Personal Use page to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Yes. Esri Canada provides a number of training options for ArcGIS Pro. Visit the Esri Canada training catalogue to find the course that fits your needs.

Visit the page for guided lessons or the Esri Canada Learning Pathways site for curated resources to help guide you on your learning journey.

Yes, we can help your organization migrate to ArcGIS Pro. Learn more about our consulting services. 

Yes, you can import MXD’s, geoprocessing models and database/folder connections.  

The functionality of ArcCatalog and ArcScene have been integrated within ArcGIS Pro so that everything can be accessed through a single interface. ArcCatalog and ArcScene have the same lifecycle as ArcMap.

You can review the ArcGIS Pro documentation to see detailed system requirements to know if your machine can run ArcGIS Pro or not. 

ArcGIS Pro is a ribbon-based application and as such, it will initially feel quite different for those familiar with ArcMap. However, virtually all the tools and workflows from ArcMap are available in ArcGIS Pro. This means there will be a slight learning curve with ArcGIS Pro, but there are many learning resources on hand to help acclimate you to the new user interface and common workflows. 


Ready to migrate to Pro?

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