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Esri Canada User Conference - Ottawa 2019

Wed, Oct. 16, 2019

Detailed Agenda

Note: Not all presentation slides are available as they have not been approved to post.


Discovering GIS as the Intelligent Nervous System [PDF]  - Alex Miller, President,  Mike Gregotski, Team Lead, Technology Adoption, Mark Ho & Sue Enyedy-Goldner, Technical Solutions Specialists  - Esri Canada 

ArcGIS: See What Others Can’t [PDF] - Chris North, Director, Technology Adoption, Mike Gregotski, Team Lead, Technology Adoption, Mark Ho,  Sue Enyedy-Goldner, Technical Solutions Specialists & Paul Voegtle, Product Specialist, Location Analytics  - Esri Canada

User Presentations & Technical Sessions

Federal Geospatial Platform's Geo-Community Cloud - James Juniper & Justin Slootsky, Natural Resources Canada

Measuring the Accessibility of Alcohol Retailers in Ontario - Brian Mosley, KFL&A Public Health

Leveraging Esri’s Workflow Manager – A DND Application - Ed Batchelor & Fabien Cloutier, Mapping & Charting Establishment & Jeremy Bart, Esri Canada

ArcGIS Pro for Intelligence and Policing Analytics [PDF] - Bryan Ladds, Esri Canada

Map Like a Rock Star with ArcGIS Pro [PDF] - Mark Ho, Esri Canada

What’s New in Community Maps - Paul Heersink, Esri Canada

Introduction to Insights for ArcGIS - Paul Voegtle, Esri Canada

What’s New in Imagery in ArcGIS [PDF] - Christopher Patterson, Esri Canada

The Future of Smart Urban Planning and Development - Jordan Rogers, City of Kingston & Mark Ho, Esri Canada

NG9-1-1 Puts GIS on it’s Map [PDF] - Barry Costello, Esri Canada

WorkFlow Manager on Production Mapping [PDF] - John Grammer, Esri

Collector for ArcGIS: Map-driven Field Data Collection Made Easy [PDF] - Sue Enyedy-Goldner, Esri Canada

ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor: Custom Cartography on the Web [PDF] - Mark Gallant, Esri Canada

Model Builder: How to Think Like a Programmer, but Save the Hassle of Being One [PDF] - Fabien Ancelin, Esri Canada

Manager’s Discussion: How Organizations Win with Location Intelligence - Matt Lewin, Esri Canada