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Enhancing Decision Support and Engagement with Location Intelligence 

Every important decision starts with analysis. As the complex nature of crime and violence evolves, so does the need to visualize, analyze, and share data that enables informed decision making. Whether you are analyzing crime patterns, developing tactical and strategic plans, or are on patrol, Esri has the right tools, solutions, and expertise to deploy true intelligence-led policing with location-based analytics and mapping intelligence.

On June 16th, join us for a special virtual seminar and explore how to enhance decision support, and better engage your communities using location intelligence.

Why Attend

  • Learn more about ArcGIS and its integrated solutions to support crime analysis, data-driven control strategies to reduce crime, and improve operations to make smarter, informed decisions.
  • Discover how to utilize integrated solutions for open and transparent policing to promote open data, open analysis, and citizen outreach. 
  • See how your Canadian law enforcement colleagues are using GIS solutions in their projects and operations. 

Intended Audience

Canadian Law enforcement professionals and stakeholders including:

  • Members of federal, provincial and local police authorities
  • Consultants and policy makers
  • IT and GIS professionals at law enforcement agencies

Be part of this growing community