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Marine and Inland Waters Forum 

Wed, May 31, 2023

Virtual Seminar | Language: English | 12:30 ET

Connecting communities to improve future outcomes.

This forum brings together the growing community of ocean and inland water science professionals who will share their work in data collection, analysis, and modeling to enable a better understanding of marine and freshwater ecosystems. Also, discover how GIS plays a critical role in understanding these systems. Join us, as experts share their experiences to better empower scientists, resource managers, and conservationists.  

Why Attend

  • Hear how subject matter experts use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to preserve ocean and freshwater health. 
  • Discover how GIS technology can be utilized to aid in conservation, global climate change, and rapid population growth. 
  • Watch live demonstrations that will inspire you to further explore and continue to protect our oceans and inland waters. 


Intended Audience

This forum’s intended audience is professionals in marine and freshwater engineering, biology, research, environmental educators and climate scientists. 

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