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Modernizing the Transportation System

Tue, Nov. 9, 2021

Virtual Seminar | Language: English | 1:00 - 3:30 p. m. ET

Modernizing the Transportation System: From Complex to Collaborative

The evolution of transportation systems in Canada continues to accelerate, driving the organizations that manage these systems to be ever more agile with their investments and operations.  During this three hour virtual seminar, we will discuss challenges of and approaches to modernizing transportation systems in Canada. We will demonstrate how the many moving parts of transportation can be unified into an authoritative, cohesive view. We will show how this unified approach enables smoother collaboration between stakeholders and timelier, more informed decision making for your modernization initiatives and investments.


Why Attend

  • Gain an overview of the need for modernization and common challenges organizations encounter when modernizing. 
  • Explore how to integrate data for different applications, such as urban planning and design, and sources, including real-time, to create an authoritative, unified view. 
  • Discover the benefits that a unified and collaborative approach delivers to modernization initiatives. 
  • Understand how to apply this unified approach to enable collaboration and more agile decision-import to achieve your modernization initiatives 

Intended Audience

Professionals directly involved with the management of road data (GIS, linear referencing systems, road asset managers) are encouraged to attend. In addition, stakeholders who consume road data (traffic engineers, pavement management professionals, operations and maintenance managers) are welcome to participate.  Additionally, professionals involved in urban planning and design are also encouraged to attend. 

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