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The New Storytelling Landscape

Tue, Sept. 21, 2021

Virtual Seminar | Language: English | 12 p.m. Eastern Time

Connecting the Dots

Crafting the perfect story is an impactful way to influence, teach, inspire, and build connections among people, between people, and share ideas. When a story catches our attention and engages us, we are more likely to absorb the message and meaning within it. 

We invite you to join us for this virtual seminar to discover how the use and simplicity of the ArcGIS system can assist with connecting the dots of your story. Learn about the Art of Storytelling and how to integrate ArcGIS for impact, insight, discovery & exploration. Our user community and technical specialists will demonstrate how GIS technology can integrate and configure your data so you can deliver a powerful story and get your message across succinctly.

Why Attend

  • Discover how to convey your information in a masterful way in which your audience can easily understand, apply and connect to 
  • Learn about key storytelling technologies and applicable configurations
  • Explore the unexpected storytelling potential of the existing technologies that you have access to

Intended Audience

GIS users and non-GIS users of all levels who want to learn about simple and impactful ways to translate a story through technology.

Be part of this growing community