Transformation and Modernization

The way utilities do business continues to evolve. Often thought of as a cautious industry that is slow to change, in 2020 utilities proved themselves to be capable of rapid adaptation. To meet the challenges of a post-COVID world, the utility sector must continue to transform and modernize their operations.

Join us virtually on May 20th for the Utilities Leadership Forum to explore how thought leaders and your peers are successfully overcoming these and other challenges by crafting real-world solutions to improve safety, streamline workforce coordination, deliver efficiencies, and enable better decision-making. 

Why Attend

  • Learn how electric utilities must deal with new, changing and often decentralized load challenges while meeting heightened expectations for system reliability
  • Explore how gas and water utilities are enabling connectivity to essential business systems and remote monitoring of their workforces 
  • Discover how telecom providers grow and maintain critical communication infrastructure while working remotely themselves

Intended Audience

Professionals in water, electric and gas utilities and telecommunications service providers. The presentations are geared towards all levels of experience and types of positions, including:  

  • Senior management
  • Program and project managers
  • GIS professionals
  • Technical development teams
  • Consultants and data providers
  • IT and operations staff

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