Marine and Inland Waters Forum 

Wed, June 1, 2022

Virtual Seminar | Language: English

There are a multitude of activities happening across the Canadian Blue Economy addressing important economic, environmental, or cultural concerns. Unfortunately, many of these activities occur in isolation, robbing us of the ability to address issues at a more holistic level. There is one thing that can be used to connect them all and reveal the big picture. That thing is location.  

During this event, you will see how leaders in the Blue Economy are using location information as a connector to drive important initiatives, understand complex information, and enable better stewardship of our oceans and inland waters.

Session Recordings and Resources

From Paddle to Headset - a 20-year Journey

Geoff Green, SOI Foundation

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How ArcGIS Supports Climate Visualizations in Changing Ocean Eastern Charlotte Waterways

Brianna Cowie, Eastern Charlotte Waterways

Lee Penny, Eastern Charlotte Waterways

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Preserving Fogo Island

Keith VanGraafeiland, Esri

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Big Bar Landslide  Recovery and Analysis Portal

Gurdeep Singh, GeoBC
Kaitlyn McLaren, GeoBC

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Understanding the Annapolis Estuary: Ecology, Tide, and Climate

Levi Cliche, Clean Annapolis River Project

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Canada's Freshwater Ecosystems

Kevin Butler, Esri

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Connecting on a Deeper Level: Using StoryMaps to Combine Seafloor Mapping and Local Knowledge

Leah Fulton, Dalhousie

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