Utilities Leadership Forum

Wed, May 18, 2022

Virtual Seminar | Language: English

As we enter a post-COVID world working remotely is becoming more of a reality. In some ways this has made it harder for people to connect meaningfully with one another to maintain productivity and continuity of complex business processes. This new reality has also created opportunities for Utilities to adopt modern approaches and technology advancements to help connect systems, processes and people to one another, creating efficiencies, eliminating duplicate work, and ultimately value for your business. 
Esri Canada’s Utilities Leadership Forum will explore how thought leaders and your peers are successfully overcoming obstacles and challenges to their business and connecting the organization to make better decisions, improve asset management and operations, and support the entire workforce in our ever-changing world. 

Session Recordings and Resources

Welcome and Kickoff


Brian Bell, Esri Canada

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Creating Situational Awareness by Combining Geospatial and Real Time Data

Ming Franks, EPCOR
Ian Rivett, Mera Group

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IoT for Smart Cities & Utilities

Justin St-Onge, Bell Canada

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Streetlight Management Solution

Ricky Khullar, Toronto Hydro

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Supporting the Entire Business with Enterprise GIS

Evan Schwab, BC Hydro

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WAM! ATCO Goes Digital with the Utility Network

Craig Douglas, ATCO Gas

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Becoming a Connected Utility + Ask an Esri Canada Utilities Expert - Q&A Session

Brian Bell, Jenny Fong and Sergio Palladini

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