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GIS Solutions for COVID-19 Government Response

Thurs., May 28, 2020 | 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. Eastern Time | English

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Session Overview

GIS professionals are working day and night to create and modify dynamic mapping applications and help coordinate the response efforts to the COVID-19 crisis. These GIS tools are proving to be extremely effective in determining the impact of the virus on communities by tracking changes over time, identifying patterns, understanding the nature and course of the disease and preparing for its impact. Government organizations and agencies around the world and in Canada have integrated coronavirus cases, deaths and recoveries with geospatial data to assist in communicating critical information to the public and essential service providers.

The Esri COVID-19 GIS Hub contains free resources to help these organizations share information about COVID-19. Esri Canada developed its own COVID-19 site to create a central location from which GIS resources and ready-to-use applications can be easily accessed, including local and national data on the pandemic.

Join Jeff Hughes, Pierre Bilodeau and Bryan Ladds on this webinar as they will demonstrate examples of COVID-19 GIS Hubs and Dashboards. They will provide tips and tricks for setting up your own applications to support local and national government organizations, informing decision-makers and communicating with the public about the extent and progression of COVID-19.

Key Points

  • Esri COVID-19 GIS Hub resources available to prepare and respond to COVID-19
  • Esri Canada GIS Hub for COVID-19 resources available in Canada
  • Set of Esri Solution Templates and Applications for COVID-19 response
  • Use of ArcGIS Dashboards to visualize cases and track outbreak over time 
  • Tips and tricks for integrating data and setting up your own local solutions
  • COVID-19 Training resources available to learn ArcGIS and best practices
  • Upcoming Esri Public Safety webinars and user events

Intended Audience

This webinar is designed for GIS professionals, managers and stakeholders working in public safety, national security, health and emergency management organizations at all levels of government and private industry.

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