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LiDAR: What You Can Do with Flying Machines and Laser Beams

Thu, Oct. 1, 2020 | 1 p.m. Eastern Time | English

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Session Overview

LiDAR uses lasers to provide very high-resolution data of objects. Originally used to map clouds and provide high-resolution altimetry of the moon for Apollo missions, LiDAR is now commonly used to generate powerful mapping products. Learn how to use ArcGIS Pro to measure, analyze and evaluate your area by unlocking the potential of LiDAR data. We will transform your .las files into actionable information by reviewing best practices for how to manage and ingest the data into ArcGIS Pro and showcasing the various ways you can visualize and manipulate the data. We will review LiDAR-related analysis and how to extrapolate information, then take a deep dive into an example from the forestry industry.

Key Points

  • Learn about LiDAR 
  • Bring LiDAR into your GIS environment 
  • Visualize, analyze and generate data 
  • Progress through a workflow to perform height estimates of forest stands 

Intended Audience

This webinar is for anyone who wants to learn about and work with LiDAR in ArcGIS Pro.

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