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CAMA + GIS = Geographic Assisted Mass Appraisal (GAMA)

Wed, Aug. 9, 2023 | 1 - 2 p.m. ET | English


Session Overview

Learn how to supercharge your property assessments with Esri Canada's Assessment Analyst GAMA—the game-changing solution for fair, accurate, and efficient valuations. Discover how to easily integrate GIS technology and see how GAMA can transform the way you calculate property values. No more juggling multiple GIS environments—we’ll explore the potential of assessment analytics and reveal hidden insights through spatial analysis in one powerful application.  GAMA empowers you to streamline valuations effortlessly, ensuring precision and ease. Ready to elevate your assessment game? Join us for this webinar and discover the power of GAMA today!

Key Points

  • Discover how to incorporate both CAMA and GIS data to achieve richer context and increased valuation accuracy. 
  • Learn how to update and make changes on your assessment data from a map. 
  • Unlock the power of the Esri toolkit for dashboards, insights, and more.  

Intended Audience

This webinar is designed for appraisers, assessors and GIS professionals who are interested in learning more about how the GAMA application has direct integration with GIS and the Esri toolkit. 

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