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The Golden Pro Awards:

Honouring the Best ArcGIS Pro Tips and Tricks

Thu, Dec. 9, 2021 | 1 - 2 p.m. ET | English

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Session Overview

Time to roll out the red carpet for our annual year-end webinar extravaganza! Esri Canada’s most prestigious award show will shine the spotlight on outstanding tips and ground-breaking tricks for ArcGIS Pro, our flagship desktop GIS solution. Our blue-ribbon academy of geospatial superstars will open envelopes to recognize excellence in best practices to make your ArcGIS Pro workflows easier and more productive. The categories will span the full spectrum of capabilities, from visualization and cartography to data management and analysis. Celebrate with us at our virtual ceremony for an unforgettable hour of maps, data and glamour!

Key Points

  • Uncover useful and practical tips to perform everyday GIS tasks more effectively 
  • Learn best practices and techniques to use ArcGIS Pro to its fullest potential 
  • Watch live demonstrations showing real-world examples of ArcGIS Pro in action

Intended Audience

This webinar is designed for all levels of ArcGIS Pro users from novice to expert who want to discover handy tips to make their daily work simpler and more efficient.

Hosted by:


With special guests:

  • Sepideh Sepehr 
  • Mike Gregotski 
  • Jim Wei  
  • Dominic Walter  
  • Maggie Samson 
  • John Osborne
  • Kristine Luangkhot