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Get the most out of your ArcGIS Online

with the Community Map of Canada (in French)

Tue, June 15, 2021 | 1 - 2 p.m. ET | French

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Session Overview

Basemaps can make or break an application. Without accurate data on your basemap, location relevancy may be jeopardized. The Community Map of Canada can help you avoid such issues so you can get the most of your ArcGIS Online without having to create basemaps from scratch.

In this session, you will see what is possible when you use the Community Map of Canada. We’ll show you the difference between vector basemaps and their maturing sibling – raster basemaps, and why it’s important to your work in ArcGIS Online.

Key Points

  • Understand why it is important to transition to vector basemap 
  • Discover best practice in ArcGIS Online using the Community Map of Canada 
  • See how the Community Map of Canada can improve the look and feel of your web applications 

Intended Audience

This webinar is designed for all ArcGIS Online users in French communities

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