Session Overview

You need to provide a high standard to your customers while maintaining assets profitably. Cityworks is designed to help you manage public assets and their associated data, work activities and more. See how Cityworks and ArcGIS can help you support your organization. In this webinar, you will learn how to transmit service requests to field staff and discover how this saves time and resolves asset-related issues quickly. The Cityworks package includes several apps and tools that help public works and utility personnel better manage their assets. 

Key Points

Using a storm sewer system as an example (manholes and sumps), we will find out how Cityworks can improve asset management.
  • How a citizen complaint can be categorized and prioritized in an asset management system. 
  • Preventive maintenance that triggers annual inspections throughout the entire network will be demonstrated. 
  • How emptying sumps can be delegated to local companies and how these companies in turn inform the organization on the status of the work carried out (the mobile app will be demonstrated).

Intended Audience

This webinar is intended for stakeholders in public works, utilities and other organizations facing the challenge of asset or infrastructure management.

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