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This unique dataset helps identify and understand vaccine-hesitant populations in Canada.

The VaccineInsights dataset from Environics Analytics contains 67 variables from two specialized survey sources, Caddle and BEworks in collaboration with AskingCanadians by Delvinia. The data is modelled to create estimates for small areas—including health units, neighbourhoods and postal codes. By combining both surveys, researchers, analysts and marketers can understand what populations are willing, unwilling or unsure about getting the vaccine and breaks down the motivations behind that behaviour. 

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Visualize and interact with data

Explore VaccineInsights data with ArcGIS. 

Sample map from VaccineInsights dashboard showing current case count

Two survey sources combined for powerful insights

Data is updated bi-monthly and includes factors that influence level of desire to get the vaccine. These include:

  • Valuing Personal Beliefs vs. Empirical Evidence - How likely people are to go with their gut instinct versus scientific evidence
  • Scientific Knowledge - Assessed knowledge of scientific principles
  • Belief in Conspiracy Theories -  How open people are to conspiracy theories
  • Vaccine Risk Concerns - Understanding concerns about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine
Sample map of vaccination intent projected to Census Division as measured by VaccineInsights

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Better understand vaccine hesitancy in your populations

Answer pressing questions like:

  • Where do people prefer to be vaccinated?
  • What is the estimated demand for vaccinations by geography?
  • What is the best way to allocate vaccines?
  • How can I find populations who are ready to be vaccinated?
  • Who are the populations that do not plan to get vaccinated? How can I change their minds?
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Respond with effectively designed initiatives

Public health organizations, as well as pharmaceutical retail chains and human resource departments can use VaccineInsights to:

  • Inform public service announcement strategies
  • Forecast and understand public and workforce vaccination adoption
  • Ensure those ready for the vaccine have quick and easy access
  • Plan for return-to-work/work-from-home models 
  • Link with other datasets to create demographic, attitudinal and media use personas


Sample map showing intent to get vaccinated

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