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Across Canada, municipalities create and maintain civic address data. Accurate addressing is essential for emergency services, land development, postal delivery and other government services. The Address Management Application is a web-based solution that optimizes the creation, maintenance and use of authoritative addresses. It was designed to support a better workflow in civic addressing that provides better data management and minimizes addressing errors.

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Centralize your record maintenance

Complete data maintenance and editing, including reporting and importing/exporting of address information.

Provide GIS data for NG9-1-1

Municipalities must begin supplying NG9-1-1 GIS content in the proper NENA data format to 9-1-1 data aggregators. The AMA ensures that all required address data is captured and in the correct format, ready for transfer.

Enhance your data quality control

Civic addressing quality control is built-in using preset default values and lookup tables. For example, road names are selected from the master name index, reducing keying errors. 

Work faster with a flexible interface

The AMA helps you work more efficiently by allowing you to copy common attributes to multiple addresses, click-and-drag, auto-add road names, and more, even when land parcels don't exist yet.

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