Planning and Development

Building stronger communities

Canadians rely on government and developers to create vibrant communities. Our livable spaces are products of human-centric design, created to ensure comfortable, sustainable and prosperous environments. This requires areas of practice in both public and private organizations that are grounded in data-driven policy and geodesign, and reflect the needs of residents. Esri provides the technology that unifies the land and development process to build Canada’s communities.



Deliver outcomes

Demands for new housing and more affordable housing requires a data-driven approach that gives your government staff detailed knowledge of your current housing situation. With Esri, you can gain insights from complex geospatial data, analyze housing sites for suitability, justify strategies for meeting housing targets, and measure building performance together with development partners.


A 3D city map with buildings shaded in yellow, green, and red overlaid with a photo of a housing track under construction

Improve collaboration

Location is at the center of all community and urban planning practices. With GIS, planning and development professionals can determine the activities and design that will have the greatest impact on improving quality of life and the economy. It removes manual, outdated processes and the complexity of sifting through databases in favour of web applications that visualize, measure and analyze proposed developments in a single system.

A street map of a large city with streets shown in white on a red and purple background, overlaid with a ground-level photo looking up at a construction crane operating at the side of a skyscraper

Increase transparency

A GIS planning system provides the opportunity for planners to see and take action on civic engagement and inclusion. It can help answer questions such as, “Where are the vulnerable populations? What services and amenities are required?” Mapping, spatial analytics and citizen engagement tools cultivate a stronger partnership with communities and keep the public informed, ensuring a feedback loop that is critical to making change happen.

A city map shaded in pink and blue on a violet background, overlaid with a photo of two casually dressed people leaning over a computer display in a home office


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Explore site data and locate opportunities

Ratio.City is a division of Esri Canada

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Success story: CreateTO

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Growing housing supply: A study with UoT

Esri Canada worked with the Infrastructure Institute at the School of Cities, University of Toronto, on a study of underutilized sites.

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ArcGIS Urban

ArcGIS Urban enables planners and design professionals to collaborate across teams with a web-based 3D application that supports scenario planning and impact assessment. ArcGIS Urban enables the digital transformation of city and regional planning to encourage collaboration with community stakeholders and help all groups work toward a more sustainable future.

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Community Planning Map of Canada

The Community Planning Map of Canada revolutionizes the way communities engage in urban planning and decision-making processes. It brings together an innovative data exchange, performance measures and partnerships, to foster more sustainable development and community growth across the country. For more information or to join the Community Planning Map of Canada, please contact us using the form below.

Solution suite

  • ArcGIS Pro

    Create and maintain authoritative planning data. ArcGIS Pro has tools for geoprocessing simple routes and buffers to rendering 3D buildings.

  • ArcGIS Online

    ArcGIS Online

    Build and share web maps in secure SaaS environments, perform common analysis functions, and create organizational groups to collaborate on content.

  • ArcGIS Enterprise

    Empower your organization to create, customize, and share data, maps, and apps on infrastructure you control and manage, whether it is in the cloud or on-premises.

  • ArcGIS StoryMaps

    ArcGIS StoryMaps

    Engage your community with storytelling. ArcGIS StoryMaps lets you combine media and web maps in a stylish narrative that is easy to publish.

  • ArcGIS Hub

    ArcGIS Hub

    Frame your initiatives in an online forum with maps, plans, and designs. ArcGIS Hub enables citizen and stakeholder engagement in a modern way.

  • ArcGIS GeoBIM

    ArcGIS GeoBIM

    Explore building information modeling data, engineering documents, and projects across teams within a geographic context to analyze risks, costs, and timelines.



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