Most national defence decisions involve geography. Whether assessing enemy targets, planning troop movement, visualizing the battlefield or locating new infrastructure with minimal environmental impact, geography always plays an important factor in selecting the right course of action. GIS provides critical intelligence capabilities to military planners and commanders engaged in land, air, maritime, special forces and domestic operations.

Integrate location intelligence

GIS software plays an increasingly important role in making these types of decisions. Our solutions provide you with the tools to unlock and reveal meaningful patterns in your geospatial data and provide the intelligence support you need for mission success.

Gain the ability to capture, manage, analyze and display geographically referenced information to obtain a clear picture of your data and the many complex relationships behind it. Create a Common Operational Picture (COP) to leverage unprecedented geospatial intelligence.

Areas of Focus

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ArcGIS Mission

One solution, multiple insights. ArcGIS Mission is a complete command and control software and tactical team situational awareness solution that is composed of three integrated components with ArcGIS.


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