GIS provides a reliable geospatial platform for all levels of government and national security agencies to create, manage and share relevant information and timely intelligence about threats, alerts and on-going incidents. 

Actionable intelligence

Whether it’s to gain a better understanding of immigration, illegal trafficking or defending against potential hostile actions from international or national actors, GIS enables spatial analysis to understand trends and protection priorities. It provides national security personnel the ability to visualize and quickly understand the results and necessary actions. Ultimately, it transforms data into actionable intelligence.

Today, many national security stakeholders successfully deploy Esri GIS software and services to support the tasks and responsibilities for the their missions. ArcGIS is a foundational technology capable of combining disparate data, analyzing trends and behaviors, and providing and sharing actionable information.


Areas of Focus

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ArcGIS Mission

One solution, multiple insights. ArcGIS Mission is a complete command and control software and tactical team situational awareness solution that is composed of three integrated components with ArcGIS.


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