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Mapping and spatial analysis enhance learning in schools and aid administrators.

Educators, researchers, students and administrators use our solutions to teach, investigate, and plan to improve the quality of education.

GIS is a mission critical technology

GIS use allows educators to engage their students and encourage critical thinking in the use of the spatial knowledge needed in today’s globalized workforce. It is a technology and way of systems thinking that is central to applied research across diverse domains.  GIS allows education administrators to achieve fair access for all students to obtain a quality education, to manage facilities, plan for courses and student enrolments, and make important connections between people, places, and events.

The Education and Research Group at Esri Canada develops teaching and learning resources, facilitates events, and collaborates in research projects to promote spatial understanding in all levels of Canadian education.




Learn how GIS can be used to enhance student learning and engagement while promoting critical thinking and spatial problem solving skills.

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Higher Education

Learn how GIS can be used in a broad range of fields and disciplines by students, instructors and researchers at colleges and universities.

GIS Scholarship
Centres of Excellence  

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Higher Education

GIS Ambassador Program

Get involved in your education community by becoming a GIS Ambassador and supporting local schools and youth groups as they explore their world.

GIS Ambassador Program
GIS Ambassador Program

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