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GIS users in industry and higher education that are keen on supporting the use of GIS in K-12 are strongly encouraged to become a GIS Ambassador. Get involved in your education community by supporting local schools and youth groups as they explore their world with GIS.  By becoming a GIS Ambassador, you and your organization can engage Canadian youth and help them to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.


What is a GIS Ambassador?

A GIS Ambassador can be any GIS user already working in industry or in higher education who recognizes the significance of geography and spatial thinking in K-12 education. A GIS Ambassador can support a K-12 teacher or school by:

  • hosting a GIS Day event or participating in a school’s GIS Day event
  • presenting to a class on the use of GIS in their field,
  • providing local data for students to use,
  • facilitating a hands-on workshop for teachers, or
  • working on a community project with students.


Bring GIS to life by having a GIS Ambassador visit your school. Using tools of geography such as, maps, globes, atlases, charts, imagery and field work, the GIS Ambassador helps you and your students develop geographic thinking skills. Register here to be connected to a GIS Ambassador in your community.

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