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Workforce Starter Solution

The Workforce Starter Solution is a cost-effective service package that leverages the ArcGIS suite of apps to support an evidence-based approach to infrastructure maintenance management.

Web GIS and mobile tools

The Workforce Starter Solution is a configurable and integrated set of web GIS and mobile tools designed for small to medium-sized local governments and businesses responsible for managing assets.

Are you looking to automate processes associated with asset inventory management, asset maintenance and inspections, or reporting and analytics?  If so, this solution is for you.

What's included?

Esri Canada will take you through a three-step process where you can take advantage of our technical expertise and experience in the public works and utilities industries to complement your teams.

Step 1 - Gathering Requirements

Review your current asset maintenance processes and identify desired workflows. Esri Canada will also assess your technology environment and provide recommendations if necessary.

Step 2 - Solution Build

Leveraging your current investment with ArcGIS, we will design a tailored location-based solution to support the ongoing maintenance of your assets, coordination of field work and recording of your maintenance activities. We will also leverage industry-standard data models and inspection templates so you can get started as quickly as possible.

Step 3 - Knowledge Transfer

We provide you with the tools and training to continue and expand your maintenance program on your own.

Where can you use it?

The Workforce Starter Solution leverages your ArcGIS environment to help you better manage field work, planning and analysis across a multitude of asset maintenance management use cases. 

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How does it work?

Let's dive into an example of a typical implementation. This video will walk you through two municipal scenarios: 

Managing a preventive hydrant inspection program & performing reactive maintenance to address incoming service requests

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