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Understand and communicate health patterns and insights. Location intelligence is key to identifying community resources, monitoring infectious diseases and informing public health transformation.


Esri Canada is monitoring activity of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and providing resources for response, business continuity and reopening.

COVID-19 and Crisis Management - a GIS Approach

Create information products, dashboards, hubs and apps to drive understanding and response.


Do you want to access up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination behavioural and trend data?

Create a healthier community.

A geographic approach to public health gives you the advantage to gain a deeper understanding of your vulnerable communities and population’s health, assets and services.

A data and analytics platform for all

Give everyone in the organization access to the most accurate, consistent and secure data. Make it easy to find, share and analyze information.


Maps available everywhere

Access maps in familiar environments—such as Excel, PowerPoint, and online—to give data spatial context from the office or the field.


Data-driven decisions

Make decisions that are beneficial to your population's health. Being able to truly understand your community while staying within budget is paramount to resource allocation.

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Strengthening Public Health Preparedness with GIS

The essential role of location

Specialized apps

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