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Creating safer, less vulnerable communities in "the new normal" requires a modern approach to understanding threats and hazards that are more complex, costly and devastating than ever before. When a disaster strikes, knowing what you need and how to find it can be the key factor that saves lives, resources and critical infrastructure. Esri can help you with all phases of emergency management, from developing mitigation plans to managing limited resources in the midst of chaos and prioritizing recovery efforts once the dust settles.


These phases are Mitigate, Prepare, Respond and Recover.


Reduce or eliminate risks to persons or property, lessen the actual or potential consequences of an incident, and reduce the effects of unavoidable disasters.


Understand risk and evaluate resiliency, increase response capabilities when a disaster occurs, and increase awareness throughout a community:


Address the short-term impacts of an incident, maintain situational awareness, conduct initial damage assessments, and inform key stakeholders and the general public.


Assess the full impact or extent of an incident, return vital systems to normal operating standards, and execute service and site restoration plans.

Emergency Management Operations Solution

Discover how Esri’s Emergency Management Operations Solution can help you gain situational awareness, understand the risks and rapidly deploy and scale your response throughout an event.

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Location Technology Ensures Safety at Pasadena Rose Parade

The Pasadena Fire Department transformed situational awareness and emergency response for the 2020 Rose Parade by replacing bulky map books with accurate and comprehensive digital maps. This real-time common operating picture, powered by Esri's field applications and event management solutions, delivered critical information that enabled public safety teams and staff to more effectively manage situational awareness and emergency response.


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