What is the Utility Network?

The Utility Network supports the management, maintenance and analysis of increasingly complex networks to better represent assets as they are managed and operated in the field. It creates an information layer to provide a scalable foundation to model all your utility assets safely and efficiently. Additionally, the UN supports the seamless sharing of that content throughout the entire ArcGIS platform, creating opportunities for streamlining business workflows that likely touch your entire operational workforce.

Electric, water, gas and telecommunications systems are rapidly and continuously evolving towards smarter networks with more complex equipment. Customers and regulators are demanding increased resiliency and improved reliability from a network that must be more flexible while also more secure. And it must be designed, built and maintained in ways that are both more affordable and sustainable.

Key Benefits of Utility Network

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Utility Network Strategic Consulting Services

To ensure your organization enjoys a smooth transition to the Utility Network, Esri Canada’s Industry Consultants work with you to develop a plan tailored to your technical and business needs. We provide a strategic assessment of your existing network management processes, a comprehensive analysis of your current data structure and quality, ensure authorized training is planned, and provide access to dedicated experts and a low risk, managed learning environment.

Utility Network Strategic Consulting Services

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