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Internet of Things

Harness the full potential of IoT data

With billions of connected sensors designed into products and places across the world, leading executives in business and government know that the IoT’s value lies in its vast quantities of data. But the most competitive organizations are transforming performance, decision-readiness, and scalability by taking advantage of the hidden value of their IoT data: location, that is, the where factor.





Businesses are discovering the key to their IoT data: Location analytics from billions of sensors

In an era where we are sending through the Internet billions of data–generating products, assets, buildings, and devices–each with a unique location–the need to use advanced location technology to collect, process, and analyze data for business and operations insights will only grow. Thanks to machine to machine communication and machine learning, as well as predictive (what will happen?) and prescriptive (what should be done?) analytics, the IoT’s value proposition is accelerating. It is already changing the landscape across industries like retail, manufacturing, utilities and government.


The advantage of real-time location intelligence powered by ArcGIS Velocity

Transform multiple sensor feeds into a common operating picture. For many organizations, it is not uncommon to have multiple sensor feeds and proprietary software to view and interpret sensor data. For example, a public works department may be monitoring leak detection with software while managing storm drain water level through another application. While each provides a good understanding of sensor data, there may not be a unified view of all sensor feeds in a comprehensive map. By ingesting, processing, analyzing and visualizing tens of thousands to several million events per second through the cloud, ArcGIS Velocity unifies the data into a common operating picture (COP) to empower decision-makers and stakeholders with the latest information and insights they need to drive immediate and future ideas and strategies. ArcGIS Velocity takes the IoT’s high-velocity, high-volume data and brings it to life, breaking down software silos, revealing patterns, connections, and opportunities that are difficult, or impossible, to decipher otherwise.

See how real-time location intelligence drives growth and performance

Esri makes the most advanced GIS and spatial analytics software available.
Bell Canada (BCE), Canada’s largest communications company, is applying Esri technologies, including ArcGIS Velocity, to its Smart City solutions to help customers advance their own digital transformation, lower operating costs, become more sustainable and competitive, and increase community engagement.

The Integrated Smart City Ecosystem, powered by Bell and Esri, combines the biggest portfolio of IoT point solutions in the market with Esri’s industry-leading location intelligence system.



Bell Integrated Smart City Ecosystem

Combines the largest portfolio of IoT point solutions with Esri's industry-leading location intelligence system.

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