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Drive business innovation and resilience with location intelligence

Man using location intelligence to gain insight into a city’s marketing potential, projected sales, traffic data, population

Leading organizations are leveraging the power of location to run, grow and transform their business—and find opportunities during crises. To unlock their location intelligence, organizations are investing in people and capabilities to embed an understanding of “where” into key aspects of their business.

What is location intelligence?

Location intelligence is an organization’s ability to tap into geospatial information and generate competitive insights. Organizations with well-developed location intelligence abilities use geospatial technology, data, maps and analysis at all levels to inform decisions, manage assets, engage customers and drive business innovation.

What separates organizations that achieve the greatest business outcomes with location intelligence?

Esri Canada partnered with IDC to conduct a survey of managers and executives from more than 200 Canadian organizations across several industries. The survey evaluated the perception of location intelligence among business leaders and identified the key practices that underpin an organization's location intelligence abilities, particularly those most closely associated with business outcomes.

IDC analysis revealed the following set of practices that are essential to effective location intelligence.

The Five Pillars

The five pillars of location intelligence set high-performing organizations apart from their competitors.



Learn about the essential location intelligence practices of high-performing organizations.

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Measuring location intelligence

Based on the survey, Esri Canada and IDC developed a model that measures the proficiency of an organization's location intelligence abilities across the practices that drive business outcomes. This model is used in Location Intelligence 360 (Li360), a strategic service that can help your organization assess its geospatial capabilities. 

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Measuring location intelligence

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