Location Intelligence 360

Location Intelligence 360

Unlock your geospatial potential

Location Intelligence 360 (Li360) empowers organizations to understand and unlock their geospatial potential. Designed for managers and executives, our data-driven benchmarking service helps organizations understand their geospatial strengths and weaknesses and provides practical guidance on where to prioritize future investments.

Strategic and holistic

Li360 is a strategic benchmarking service from Esri Canada designed to help managers assess and improve their organization’s geospatial capabilities. Intended as a holistic assessment, Li360 is structured around five broad dimensions of location intelligence – strategy, organization, technology and data, culture, and literacy.

An evidence-based approach

Our research of over 200 organizations shows that businesses with well-developed capabilities in the areas of strategy, organization, technology and data, culture, and literacy consistently outperform their peers and achieve better business outcomes*.

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*Independent research conducted by IDC Canada, sponsored by Esri Canada.

Assessment Areas

A screenshot from a Location Intelligence 360 report showing an example customer's performance in the areas of strategy, organization, technology & data, culture and literacy.

Quick, easy and data-driven

Li360 provides rapid time-to-value. We use a carefully-designed online assessment tool to quickly assess and understand your current capability gaps and benchmark your results against industry leaders. The results are further analyzed by our expert consultants to identify patterns, diagnose issues and provide practical advice on ways to improve. The findings and recommendations are compiled into a high-quality executive briefing that provides management with a clear and concise roadmap of value-focused initiatives.

What do you get?

A personalized report containing:

  • an evaluation of your current geospatial capabilities against best practices
  • a comparison of your results to industry leaders
  • guidance for overcoming key challenges
  • a focused set of improvement recommendations

All analysis is provided by Esri Canada’s expert strategy consultants. Each assessment includes a walk-through of the report with a consultant and our account team.

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