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ArcGIS Online Pricing

ArcGIS Online subscriptions match the way your team works. User types, the building blocks of ArcGIS Online subscriptions, allow you to match team members with the capabilities and apps they need to complete their work.

Start with a Creator user type – Required

The Creator is a foundational user type. Every subscription requires at least one foundational user type to activate the subscription and administer members and content. If you want to administer and use ArcGIS Pro, you can purchase the GIS Professional—the other foundational user type—instead.

Dependent user types

Once you select a Creator or GIS Professional user type to administer your subscription, you can include a variety of dependent user types.

GIS Professional user type

In addition to ArcGIS Online, the GIS Professional user type includes ArcGIS Pro, the professional desktop GIS application.

Get more out of ArcGIS

Augment your ArcGIS Online implementation by integrating desktop analysis, advanced capabilities and increased computing power.

ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro is a powerful and modern desktop GIS application designed for GIS professionals.



Add more credits to your ArcGIS Online subscription.

Premium Feature Data Store

Premium Feature Data Store

Dedicated feature service resources for advanced analytical and transactional workflows.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add more user types at any time? Or do I need to decide right now?

ArcGIS Online subscriptions have the flexibility to grow with you. Add more user types at any time.

What are typical job titles of each user type?

Creators are typically GIS specialists, asset managers or data journalists.

Viewers are typically executive officers, managers or sales/territory managers.

Editors are typically data entry clerks, GIS technicians or data quality engineers.

Mobile Workers are typically field technicians, maintenance supervisors or volunteers.

GIS Professionals are typically GIS analysts/managers, geodevelopers or cartographers.

Can I add apps to user types?

Yes, app bundles and premium apps can be added to certain user types. You can explore add-on apps in the Esri Canada Store.

What is an example subscription?

A commercial organization has twenty Creators who visualize and analyze data to identify site locations, define sales territories and assess store performance. Three hundred Editors add competitive pricing information, update sales maps and gather customer information. Two thousand Viewers explore this information in maps and apps, including the sales team and executives.

A local government has six Creators who make maps and apps for internal projects such as inspections and community awareness of situations like traffic or weather. Thirty Mobile Workers, such as maintenance people, use the apps made by the Creators to complete inspections, update road conditions and access project information. Five Viewers access dashboards showcasing city information and project statuses.

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What does "requires foundational user type" mean?

User types provide a flexible way for people to license the capabilities and apps they need to do their work in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise.

Every subscription requires at least one foundational user type to activate and administer ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise. Creator and GIS Professional are foundational user types.

All dependent user types (Viewer, Editor, Mobile Worker, Storyteller, and Insights Analyst) must be purchased with at least one foundational user type or added to an existing organization. Dependent user types rely on a foundational user type to activate and administer ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise.

Add a foundational user type

Creator: Purchasing the Creator user type helps users get started with ArcGIS Online. Create maps, perform spatial analyses, and share results with stakeholders in a variety of ready-to-use apps.

GIS Professional: The GIS Professional user type includes ArcGIS Pro, the world's leading GIS software, and full access to ArcGIS Online. 

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