Advantage Program

Achieve the full potential of your enterprise GIS

If you have ambitious plans for your geospatial organization, but need help activating them, Esri Canada's Advantage Program is for you. The Advantage Program (AP) is a strategic planning and engagement framework that enables you to take full advantage of Esri technology in your organization. The AP helps you enable geospatial technology through an annual subscription that offers strategic technical advisory, annual planning and review meetings, and a collaboratively developed technical work plan.

What you'll get

As part of your 12-month AP engagement, one of our strategic advisors will provide you with technical and strategic support in implementing your GIS. You’ll receive monthly check-ins with your advisor as well as service credits that grant direct access to Esri Canada training and professional services. 

You can also add technical support for custom GIS applications, and/or premium support services that prioritize your requests in our tech support queue.

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How the program works


GIS growth and the Advantage Program (part 1 of 3)

Discover how the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority built a GIS that better aligns with its business needs and future technology opportunities.

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