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Utilities Services

Whether you operate an electric, gas or water utility, or a communications company, you understand the value of efficient and effective network management, visualization and analysis to the success of your organization. But what’s not always clearly understood is how you can do more with less effort by drawing optimal value from your investment in GIS.

Practices-driven consulting service

Staff turnover, an aging workforce, a lack of training, bad habits, complicated processes and other factors could be costing you — hindering performance and negatively impacting both your users and your KPIs.

Esri Canada offers best practices-driven consulting services that are designed to help you meet these challenges. Our seasoned utility GIS experts can help you optimize your geocentric workflows, unlock information silos and improve overall system usability and capability. Our experts offer strategies that allow your staff to become more comfortable, familiar and efficient with your utility GIS solution.

Practices-driven Consulting Service

Areas of expertise

We offer expertise in a number of areas, including:

  • records management
  • engineering design
  • outage management
  • mobile workforce optimization
  • business analytics and insights
  • interoperability & systems integration
Areas of Expertise

Leverage unmatched experience

Our best practice consulting services are backed by our experience as a highly trusted industry vendor and advisor — creating, delivering and supporting utility GIS solutions.

We bring ‘full-stack’ expertise of not only ArcGIS technology but also that of key business partners such as Schneider Electric, VertiGIS and others, enabling you to bridge the gap that often lies between complex technology and business value.

Leverage Unmatched Experience

Think out of the box

We also identify new ways you can leverage GIS across your utility. Empower a variety of tasks through the use of GIS, maximizing your investment. Our goal is to help you and your team become more efficient, boost product performance, streamline processes and get more value from your investments.

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