Prepaid Training Program

With Esri Canada’s Prepaid Training Program, you can set up your team to easily access training throughout the year, without the need to continually go through procurement processes.  Pick a package of training days, receive one invoice and then work with your team to simply select and register for any of the multiple training courses offered. Prepaid training purchased must be consumed within one year of purchase.

Key Advantages

  • Streamline your administrative process with only one training purchase per year.
  • Flexible: there’s no need to identify upfront which courses your team will take.
  • Sign up for open enrollment courses anytime.  
  • Consider a private group training (6+ students).
  • Equip your team with the skills to better leverage the technology you already own.
  • Increase employee loyalty and productivity by investing in their professional development.
  • Save money!
Number of Training DaysRegular PricePrepaid PriceSavings
10 days$6,350$6,033$317 = 5%
15 days$9,525$8,573$952 = 10%
20 days$12,700$10,795$1,905 = 15%
20+ daysContact Us 15%
  • Multiple-year agreements are available for up to 3 years.
  • Packages cannot be combined with other training promotions.
  • Training registration via our self-serve, online system is required.
  • Esri Canada’s standard cancellation policy applies.

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